Tuesday, 16 March 2010

9/11, Globalization, and Total War

Though a bit dated, this video is worth watching. Michel Chossudovsky, (who has some good articles on the Global Research site) a professor at the University of Ottawa, demonstrates how the US attack on Yugoslavia in the 1990s were the prelude to and part of a larger plan to destabilize and invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

According to the plan, Iran is next.

Some of Chossudovsky's observations:

* The CIA and US military worked closely with al Queda as recently as 2001 to destabilize the Balkans. Their last overt co-venture was in the Yugoslavian province of Macedonia. Al Queda was created by and remains under the control of the CIA as is the Taliban and Pakistan's ISI.

* The US and UK are engaged in a global competition against France, Germany and other euro countries for oil, African resources, the global weapons trade and financial dominance (US dollar vs. Euro)

* In 2002, the US adopted a policy of pre-emptive nuclear attack listing Russia and China as countries subject to attack. "Nuclear war is now part of the military assumption."

* It's not just Bush and the Neo-cons. Yes, Bush is a puppet. Thoroughly corrupt, callous, venal, but essentially a moron. The country is actually being run by what in effect is a military dictatorship and will continue to be one regardless of who is in the Whit House.

* The so-called "War on Terror" is a complete fabrication designed to justify the US drive for world economic dominance and a "Homeland Security State" at home.

And on it goes...

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